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Porch Utility Buildings

The Porch Utility comes with a 10 year warranty. Available in sizes from 8 ×12 through 16×40. These portable Porch Utilities make great workshops, pool houses, hunting cabins, storage barns, etc! We can add windows, lofts, ramps, or other features to make this barn meet your needs! Built in our own shop in Montezuma, GA. Our goal is to offer you a quality product at a reasonable price. Porch Utilities are available painted, vinyl siding, or metal siding.



  • Two 4×6 Treated Runners for 8’ and 10’ wide Buildings
  • Four 4×6 Treated Runners for 12’,14’ and 16’ Wide Buildings
  • 2×4 Treated floor joists on 12” center (2×6 treated floor joists are an option)
  • 2×6 treated floor joists are standard for 14’ and 16’ buildings
  • ⅝ treated plywood
  • Comes with a 4’ porch. (Longer porches are an option)


  • 2×4 Studs on 24” center (2×4 studs on 16” center is an option)
  • ⅝  Treated T1-11 premium grade siding
  • Tall walls approximately 7’ ½” high are optional


  • Rafters on 24” center
  • 7/16” OSB Sheeting
  • Shingles or Metal (available in 20 colors)


  • One 9 lite door


  • Ridge vent runs full-length of building offering maximum, weather-proof circulation


Screened windows Extra Barn Doors
Ramps -multiple sizes Side Doors
Shelves 3’ 9-light door
Workbenches 3’ metal door
Lofts 6’ rollup door
8’ rollup door
Shingles and Vents 9’ rollup door
Ridge vent on shingled roof
Spray insulation
Vinyl siding 8’ walls
Metal siding 6 – 8/12 pitch roof
Hardie Board Dormers
Built on-site Railing on Porch
Tie down Building Electical Wiring